Category: pebbles and stones


March 12, 2018 2449

spring brought the cherry blossoms, my fairy godmother took me for a ride, along the cosmic train, into an abyss of atomic stairwells. geometric constructs, upended themselves, over a cascading fountain of illuminated beams. watering towers, a turquoise blue, white figures circling, amongst themselves, in a dance of creation. * our eyes met by the…

By Maggie Tan

ein jahr

November 11, 2017 2261

365 days, 365 steps. smashingly candid, foraging for candies. words don’t mean anything, when we relive the euphoria. as we take to the streets, they chase us down. but they will not beat us down. we have youth in our blood, we float high on cloud nine. bohemianly dressed, they captured us. in pictures. in…

By Maggie Tan

dit moi

November 11, 2017 2659

what are you afraid of darling? don’t burn them bridges, ignite yourself instead, with the fire that you tried to cover. can’t help that i’m so extreme. swinging from one end to another, i suddenly remember, such different days, where i wore my heart on my sleeves, and said, i love you, drenched and anxious.…

By Maggie Tan

dear mr fantasy

November 11, 2017 187

i love you. i love you. i love you. perhaps this is insignificant to you, but i don’t believe so. you know those moments where we thought that you and i will never meet again? well, you appeared in my thoughts today. and we all know that thoughts don’t randomly appear. so clearly, our narratives…

By Maggie Tan