Category: pebbles and stones

suspended in time?

November 10, 2017 66

[part 2 continues] * laying down the dough, slice by slice, in perfect geometrical dimensions, revealing the order amidst this chaos. i’ve made my peace, ease, peas. my waking life, travels through osmosis, and returns to the dream world.   ///   as we were coming up, into a galaxy of metro stations, trains passing…

By Maggie Tan

suspended in time

November 10, 2017 69

why do the desires stir so stagnantly these days? whatever happened to the joyous and curious spirit? during a period of self-doubt and loathing, could such ailments be eased by reading, watching and listening incessantly, apparent attempts to alleviate these symptoms manifested in skin rashes and sudden jabs at the skull? such voyeuristic endeavours might…

By Maggie Tan

bohemian lessons

November 10, 2017 72

being a fox, a minx, allows one to be fluid. lonesome creatures too. don’t you wonder if they ever need a bit of security, a home to lay her head? a family to call their own? but that would be against their nature. they are born to be wild. and in the wild, they remember…

By Maggie Tan

after all

November 10, 2017 68

may days drawing to an end, your hands figure skating on my lower back, when did it all start anyway. perhaps it was in those equatorial pools where we left our skidmarks, perhaps it was the graceful blue kiss imprinted on our retinas, perhaps it was was the jars where we collected our strange memories,…

By Maggie Tan

swim within

November 10, 2017 96

dear friend, we meet again. why do we always try to race against time. this impending sense of something missing. what is it? how can i conquer this doubt? haven’t we learned anything at all?   oppressed by stale presence, one that is different from what i originally found. but haven’t buddhist doctrines taught us…

By Maggie Tan