dot to the dot

November 9, 2017 68 By Maggie Tan

there are those spirits that you instantly strike a connection with, matches scratching to create sparks. those with a tinge of madness in their twinkling eyes, intense gaze. we were being our free, our true selves. call me a dreamer, maybe because i am a fucking dreamer, and my perception and heart like to trick me, but don’t we know, deep down, that the free spirits have an innate connection? responsibilities shall be surmounted, so that we will amount to something. but don’t forget to be who you are, because your marvel and amazement at the world will stay with you, if you keep being who you are. and when such invisible forces are at work, you are protected by your sheer veneer of staying true to your nucleus, and not selling your soul to the devil, as cliche as it sounds. i hold no grudges against anything, life is meant to take unexpected turns, although one can’t stop wondering whether an algorithm had been written in the stars for us. it is a learning curve we’re meant to ride, try to attempt everything with care and love. our gratitude will save the day, and in hindsight, what was it all anyway, if not a fantasy? you may think that i’m an over-privileged prick, but there are sufferings that i long to experience. nirvana is impossible without them. whenever you feel misunderstood, strive to understand instead. i may keep repeating my mantra, but for those who really know, preaching is unnecessary. we already embody it. this ludicrously contradictory reality in which we feel we exist in. all these conversations i yearn to have, are already within us. our energies vibrate at a certain wavelength, and for those who see it, the truths are those micro-universes that we already inhabit in. the human condition is inescapable, as long as this tape reels on. i sometimes like to sit by the bridges, by regents canal, or by my porch, staring into the skies, and feel the poetry. with no one else, and everyone else, who are in the cracks of the pavements in my soul. whether you realise it or not, our grand adventure is now. thank you, to all of you who’ve been enabling this consciousness. it’s quite something to be here.


because at the end of the day,
at the edge of your cliff,
you fill your journey with music. magical music.
magical characters, narratives, lighting, mood, vibes.
fuck it, fill it with fucking magic.
in hope that your song will keep playing,
long after you’ve jumped the gun,
you son of a gun.