The global refugee crisis is calling on all developed states to rethink their approaches to finding solutions for displaced people who are fleeing for their safety. In Hong Kong, some have lodged their applications and waited for years before they can receive this legal status.
For many of them, life is tough with little money to sustain their lives since they aren’t allowed to work legally.

This film is a story about a Sri Lankan woman’s journey in finding meaning in her life, after she had lost everything, through running.
It is a film with hope in the midst of despair.

Director: Maggie Tan
Producer: Begona Blanco
Camera: Cecilia Li, Ryan Kilpatrick
Editing: Miranda Wu

The University of Hong Kong
Journalism and Media Studies Centre
Documentary Production


This is a video I made after I cycled the Pamir Highway with my partner in August 2017.
It was a once in a lifetime adventure and I recommend cycle touring in this region to everyone!


In November 2017, I began volunteering with Corbada Tuzun Olsun soup kitchen ( in Istanbul. I produced this video before I left Turkey in December 2017.