frank part two

November 10, 2017 63 By Maggie Tan

i am searching for my sisters and brothers.

who want to keep our eternal flame alive.

burning with passion, curiosity and a heart that is open and free.

i want to be more caring and considerate.

i want to evolve towards becoming a being that is more sensitive, empathetic and fair towards others. i want to be stronger and kinder.


i want to always stay true to myself and my principles.

i want to be more hardworking and devote my time to projects that i care about, people that i care about.

i want to practice self-reflection everyday, even for 5 minutes.

i want to write more, produce more, create more.

i want to strive for excellence of the body and mind.

i need to be more self-disciplined.

i need to be respectful of others and their spaces.

i want to keep exploring and learning.


love yourself. your mind, your perception…

always trudging along the edge.

let go of control, of fears, of all your shitty selfish self-aggravating desires. we are like water, flowing and taking form of the container we are in…

but never losing our quality and determination and perseverance to soothe, and heal.


brothers and sisters, join me on my quest to remind humanity of its beauty, in its imperfection and chaotic state,

that patience and light will shine the path, to fulfillment.




this is our own pursuit of truth.

let love and compassion drive your motives.

keep in mind, be present – be here in the now – everything exists right now.


in all its impossibility and possibility, we stand on the ground, that stretches over the cosmos of our hearts, let it be beautiful and wondrous.


stay alive.

stay fucking alive and free.

you are not entitled to anything.

the only thing you have is this moment.

so make it worthwhile.

thank you.