November 9, 2017 66 By Maggie Tan

hej you round-faced moon,

cast and shine beastly shapes,

upon the masses of jaded lone-walkers.

the spirits run high tonight,

powering the past few blurred night-vision goggles.

when perception deemed the only one suitable.

we found our favourite cocoa,

milking it into a warm cup of soulfulness.

the brown door right there – is it really brown?

we are all vibrations, moving at our own speed.

space is merely a concept.

time is merely a measure.

for what we experienced in the blue skies,

those hours were timeless, boundless.

your skin on mine, our feet intertwined,

elevating higher and higher into the fluffy clouds.

hunger, hunger, i hunger for you.

your eyes, your mouth, your ankles.

imagine the unimaginable.

lines are malleable waves,

your hazel curls and black turtleneck in my face,

smell of fresh laundry and orange zest.


light as a feather,

beaming rays shooting stars flying straight into the black hole.

you and i. the mysteries of the universe.

we’ll float and travel in a bathtub, indulge in all sorts of cosmic ecstasies.

we’ve only just begun, gin.

i’ll bring along a bottle of tonic.

keep us tight and happy, hovering in the multicoloured galaxy.

wouldn’t you like that?