November 1, 2017 69 By Maggie Tan

…but before we put our hands up to protest,
we must search deep in our heart,
to find an expansive ocean,
flowing and glowing,
with nothing but faith,
with nothing but trust,
especially when we feel short of our ideal self.

our little creatures within us, keep us firm on earth.
adoring and selfish, they want what’s best for them.
equipped with telos though –
we begin to perceive things a little differently.

acknowledge your creatures.
you’re only human.
but as a human with telos,
you are also capable of so much more.
just set your heart to it.

let the ocean flow.

every unselfish act contains a pinch of understanding,
and a strong dose of compassion.
we may get hurt,
but we are also pure,
your heart knows itself,
its intentions,
and to forgive,
is to let go of everything you are,
for this moment,
and the rest of time,
you’ve changed the course of the ship.

and slowly, the skid marks in space,
will remind others and most importantly,
of the times we swam in the waves,
fighting the strong current,
to gasp the air and find that there’s nothing above –
oxygen was an illusion.
we’ve always been able to breathe underwater.