university years

November 11, 2017 82

at last. sweet glory. the ultimate achievement arrived in a tangible form. freshers everywhere, excited and way too eager for their own good. but now, the state of mind lies in the heartland of Autos. where the aryans reside and where the heart lies in illusion.   annoyed vibrations in the air, wafting like retarded…

By Maggie Tan

Kyrgyz days

November 11, 2017 80

Bishkek – capital of Kyrgyzstan. A city in the midst of modernisation but also a hotchpotch of nomadic Kyrgyz lifestyle, Soviet infrastructure and mentality and Central Asian culture. And I’m pictured here with Kyrgyz girls in the second largest city in Kyrgyzstan, Osh, at a festival promoting the local culture.

By Maggie Tan


November 10, 2017 92

i walk, you walk, we walk. your vibration sliding past mine, from caged seats to running dogs. traveling is a state of mind. living is a state of mind. privileged as fuck. safety net beneath our soiled feet. what is left?   *   butterfly. fluttering. crouch. pounce. tears relieve us from the harsh climate.…

By Maggie Tan

happiness americana

November 10, 2017 62

revved up engine. on the road once again. baked beans in mouth, gates opened and ski trip kids ran. fat boy slim talks of farm business, everybody’s sleeping on their own headrests. along came the conductor, pouring his passionate heart out, about his garden, his bourbon and his throttle. friendly faces appeared, chilli dog was…

By Maggie Tan

suspended in time?

November 10, 2017 66

[part 2 continues] * laying down the dough, slice by slice, in perfect geometrical dimensions, revealing the order amidst this chaos. i’ve made my peace, ease, peas. my waking life, travels through osmosis, and returns to the dream world.   ///   as we were coming up, into a galaxy of metro stations, trains passing…

By Maggie Tan