frank part one

November 10, 2017 63

i need a little clarity, i need a little direction. oh boy, the last time we were on this ride, it was a tussle, and i almost lost my hat. somehow, this time around, after 500 days of uncertainty, we arrive at this port, thinking, where to next? took a walk around the corner, realised…

By Maggie Tan

Ganga aarti in Varanasi

November 10, 2017 99

Ganga aarti ceremony in Varanasi is a Hindu ritual not to be missed. The ghats are filled with classical Indian music and pilgrims flock to the sacred river to watch this audio visual fest every evening. Chai-wallas hop from boat to boat to sell their sweet milky concoction. Interesting to note that the flags of Bharatiya…

By Maggie Tan

Nepalese bus ride

November 9, 2017 71

For those who weren’t aware, I’ve been on the road since April this year. Our first stop was Nepal – and in this mountainous country, we endured several long distance bus rides with the locals, passing through hills and fields. These simple shots were captured when we took a local bus from Pokhara to Lumbini.…

By Maggie Tan

time, my friend

November 9, 2017 68

time, my old friend, you come and go without warning. i’ve seen you, just the other day, walking down the street with my bags of memories. do you hear the melodies of your day to day life? the closing of the gate, the opening of the bottle, we are living in a world where it…

By Maggie Tan