November 1, 2017 69

…but before we put our hands up to protest, we must search deep in our heart, to find an expansive ocean, flowing and glowing, with nothing but faith, with nothing but trust, especially when we feel short of our ideal self. our little creatures within us, keep us firm on earth. adoring and selfish, they…

By Maggie Tan

pursuit and its afterword

November 1, 2017 70

loose ends. all these threads hanging – my breath stinks of memories’ stench, forgot to wash, forsaken but not taken. lost phones, familiar faces who grab you by the ears, how did we get here, i don’t remember you at all. 123456, access code for which door, you looked straight past me, serving these shots…

By Maggie Tan

A forgotten corner of old Kunming

November 1, 2017 73

The following article is one that I wrote for GoKunming.com during my writing internship there in December 2015. * Mrs Tang knows her way around her little street. Situated right underneath the large bridge on Yuantong Jie crossing the Panlong River and mimicking the shape of Hong Kong’s Tsing Ma Gate, albeit much smaller, lies…

By Maggie Tan