quel voyage

November 9, 2017 66 By Maggie Tan

we rolled underneath chestnut trees,

along with our dreams and hopes.

all the arrangements piled up in our carriage,

which then took us away swiftly.

where to sir? why, of course, the hrad!

snow filled the palace ground,

while more snow silently fell upon us.

upon our warm, vibrating hearts;

connected by countless threads of affection.

the old europe embraced us with her fairy tales,

sweeping us off the ground, enchanting us to enter a rabbit hole;

where we found confetti and cotton candy lying around.

waiting for us to catch them, eat them.

from our hungarian tale to the viennese piece,

we hopped around and made little forts subconsciously.

this space existed simply for a dream to be lived out.

an unknown place, unknown period;

mingling and giggling with some fine souls for what felt like eternity.


and after the warm svařak winter, came the harsh horseradish vodka new year.

pelmeni accompanied us through the city that never sleeps.

yet again, an unknown place, unknown period;

this time with different faces, different tastes.

hidden ice, falling shards; we battled with a different temperament.

but it is precisely the feeling of being completely lost,

that excites, thrills and ultimately, forms our unique gypsy ride.

it wasn’t long before familiar faces, familiar tastes,

overwhelmed and brought us to the countryside.

summer skipped spring, the rough exterior started to melt.

into a pool of delights, a pool of adventures in line.

from the victories of volga to peterburg’s white nights,

came the stunning gorges of kafkas.

came the waterfalls and shashlikis.

came the generosity of the people.

came the command of our general.

the general of comradeship.

the spaceship filled with us cosmonauts.

catapulted into a rawness that’s never been felt before.


5 months of living the Unbelievable,

surfed the high tides and landed on the gulf of riga.

where a previous lifetime caught up with me.

the journey continued westbound,

through the indo-european states, the baltic jewel.

as i rode across amber skies, i bumped into Serendipity in poland.

instances and flashes of youth appeared,

can’t escape, won’t escape.

savoured every single bit of this fried bun.

lick, crunch, swallow.

a detour route turned around and i found my slovak train approaching,

the very platform i stood on 5 months earlier.

strange sensations coursed, a scooter awaited.

the czech within me sprang with joy and sang songs of wonder.

the path back to the civilised world seems to reverse and undo.

it acts like the backspace key, only this time with the carried weight of the motherland.

drifting behind like black exhaust fumes,

glorious and charming amidst the clean cut world.

who never understood the Unbelievable.

who never had to wish for Salvation.