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swim within

November 10, 2017 96

dear friend, we meet again. why do we always try to race against time. this impending sense of something missing. what is it? how can i conquer this doubt? haven’t we learned anything at all?   oppressed by stale presence, one that is different from what i originally found. but haven’t buddhist doctrines taught us…

By Maggie Tan

Ganga aarti in Varanasi

November 10, 2017 99

Ganga aarti ceremony in Varanasi is a Hindu ritual not to be missed. The ghats are filled with classical Indian music and pilgrims flock to the sacred river to watch this audio visual fest every evening. Chai-wallas hop from boat to boat to sell their sweet milky concoction. Interesting to note that the flags of Bharatiya…

By Maggie Tan