Tag: lust


March 12, 2018 2449

spring brought the cherry blossoms, my fairy godmother took me for a ride, along the cosmic train, into an abyss of atomic stairwells. geometric constructs, upended themselves, over a cascading fountain of illuminated beams. watering towers, a turquoise blue, white figures circling, amongst themselves, in a dance of creation. * our eyes met by the…

By Maggie Tan


November 11, 2017 3827

the highest peaks could also take you down to the deepest valleys. the heart is worn on the sleeves these days. there is a stronger need to bond. a warrior, twice defeated. why am i so susceptible to your charms? excess, debauchery, too much fluttering; and not enough substance. black hole, spinning round and round,…

By Maggie Tan