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ein jahr

365 days, 365 steps.

smashingly candid, foraging for candies.

words don’t mean anything,

when we relive the euphoria.

as we take to the streets, they chase us down.

but they will not beat us down.

we have youth in our blood,

we float high on cloud nine.

bohemianly dressed, they captured us.

in pictures. in frames.

in moments.


we poured our love in caskets,

ammunitions waited alongside.

but it started to rain –

and we no longer needed to fire away.

stretched into its final chapter,

we clung on to our bus seats, stuck with headphones,

unwilling to unplug.

a city of spy cakes, rickety waiters and sarcastic undertones,

echoed a ricochet of applause.

for we fell utterly in love with its complexity.


i miss you. i dig you, you on the other side.

simultaneously desiring to return.

upon your gaze.

and be lavished with some central european love.




this is dedicated to those who were there.

who witnessed a bygone era.

a dream.



i walk, you walk, we walk.

your vibration sliding past mine,

from caged seats to running dogs.

traveling is a state of mind.

living is a state of mind.

privileged as fuck.

safety net beneath our soiled feet.

what is left?








tears relieve us from the harsh climate.

wash away our perceived sins.

clear blue sky awaits us once again.


these absurd dreams haunt and chase.

palette of rainbows splurged across the case,

melting away in the humid air.

abandonment, leave me alone.

these little fear flies eat you away.

rot me not, for i will love.

with honesty.



and compassion.


caution is not my strongest suit,

frivolity flares up from time to time.

fallen from grace, was it meant to be?

ephemerally blissful, our only moment is now.

reality composed of nows,

nostalgic melancholia shadowing quiet moments.

tonight i would like to sleep.



and dream of our sweet scents.

trailing behind tracks covered with snow,

and smokes wafting by the platform.