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ein jahr

November 11, 2017 2260

365 days, 365 steps. smashingly candid, foraging for candies. words don’t mean anything, when we relive the euphoria. as we take to the streets, they chase us down. but they will not beat us down. we have youth in our blood, we float high on cloud nine. bohemianly dressed, they captured us. in pictures. in…

By Maggie Tan

happiness americana

November 10, 2017 62

revved up engine. on the road once again. baked beans in mouth, gates opened and ski trip kids ran. fat boy slim talks of farm business, everybody’s sleeping on their own headrests. along came the conductor, pouring his passionate heart out, about his garden, his bourbon and his throttle. friendly faces appeared, chilli dog was…

By Maggie Tan

after all

November 10, 2017 68

may days drawing to an end, your hands figure skating on my lower back, when did it all start anyway. perhaps it was in those equatorial pools where we left our skidmarks, perhaps it was the graceful blue kiss imprinted on our retinas, perhaps it was was the jars where we collected our strange memories,…

By Maggie Tan

swim within

November 10, 2017 96

dear friend, we meet again. why do we always try to race against time. this impending sense of something missing. what is it? how can i conquer this doubt? haven’t we learned anything at all?   oppressed by stale presence, one that is different from what i originally found. but haven’t buddhist doctrines taught us…

By Maggie Tan

frank part two

November 10, 2017 63

i am searching for my sisters and brothers. who want to keep our eternal flame alive. burning with passion, curiosity and a heart that is open and free. i want to be more caring and considerate. i want to evolve towards becoming a being that is more sensitive, empathetic and fair towards others. i want…

By Maggie Tan