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happiness americana

November 10, 2017 62

revved up engine. on the road once again. baked beans in mouth, gates opened and ski trip kids ran. fat boy slim talks of farm business, everybody’s sleeping on their own headrests. along came the conductor, pouring his passionate heart out, about his garden, his bourbon and his throttle. friendly faces appeared, chilli dog was…

By Maggie Tan

suspended in time?

November 10, 2017 66

[part 2 continues] * laying down the dough, slice by slice, in perfect geometrical dimensions, revealing the order amidst this chaos. i’ve made my peace, ease, peas. my waking life, travels through osmosis, and returns to the dream world.   ///   as we were coming up, into a galaxy of metro stations, trains passing…

By Maggie Tan

suspended in time

November 10, 2017 69

why do the desires stir so stagnantly these days? whatever happened to the joyous and curious spirit? during a period of self-doubt and loathing, could such ailments be eased by reading, watching and listening incessantly, apparent attempts to alleviate these symptoms manifested in skin rashes and sudden jabs at the skull? such voyeuristic endeavours might…

By Maggie Tan

after all

November 10, 2017 68

may days drawing to an end, your hands figure skating on my lower back, when did it all start anyway. perhaps it was in those equatorial pools where we left our skidmarks, perhaps it was the graceful blue kiss imprinted on our retinas, perhaps it was was the jars where we collected our strange memories,…

By Maggie Tan


November 1, 2017 69

the shadows beneath your toes, linger behind convulsions of space-time oddities. you are muttering nonsense, how is it possible this used to be an entity? are you still the same you five years ago? preoccupied with the finesse of the body, craving to be an independent individual. skip a few stones, a few miles, we…

By Maggie Tan