take a walk on the wild side

November 9, 2017 68 By Maggie Tan

blessed we are, blessed we stand. through these rosy days, memories of grog and robot box, the laughter we endured, oh the laughter. infinite moments we crave. a single look, one second is all it takes. something clicked within us. the instantaneous combustion, flying sparks exploded across our inner constellation, a big bang. creation. of life. spread eagle on this warm floor of love, we are young. we are free. we are free to love. we are love. love itself. life and love. a loving life. a life worth loving. these emotions run high, simply a bowl of blissful soup, chunks of happy potatoes. the skies smeared itself on my face, blinking stars and shooting stars. nudges to my ribs, mercurially we crawl and we wrap. ourselves. together in a strange fruit position. touch me, kiss me. slippery lips, they’re so pink. we are the colour pink. we are a kaleidoscope showing patterns of unknown origins. do you remember, the poetic times we spent along the cobblestoned streets, the bohemian tunes we sang and the hemingways and kerouacs we met and drank. it was splendid and beautiful, to feel life gliding on our arms. our consummated love, there was so much of it to share and give. every single bee was an inspiration. listen to the silenced space. fluffy snow falling down, on our black haired heads. you smelled me. wafts of breadcrumbs and pear.

thank you, for inspiring the rediscovery of my very own inner artist. smile the pains of loss, laugh at the accidents. superfluously scrumptious we are, chewing our vocabulary and swallowing gulps of genius. don’t let them belittle you. we are all specks of specialness. uniqueness. some are licorice, some are ham flavoured. balance on this rope of sensibility. we’ve never been too good at this. a little unpredictable, radiating with spontaneity.

should we take a walk on the wild side?