university years

November 11, 2017 81 By Maggie Tan

at last.

sweet glory.

the ultimate achievement arrived in a tangible form.

freshers everywhere, excited and way too eager for their own good.

but now, the state of mind lies in the heartland of Autos.

where the aryans reside and where the heart lies in illusion.


annoyed vibrations in the air, wafting like retarded bears.

uncertainty and poor timing. how naive, small children.

the unbearable heaviness of un-being ran its course.

winter came and the cold couldn’t get any colder.


broken shards pierced through the mirror, falling falling falling.

so sharp that cuts were inflicted on the bruised skin.

pain is a sensation. but pain is also power.

the power of regeneration. rebirth.

like a phoenix rising from the ashes.

a myriad of delights appeared. a season of opportunities.

seized and lived out to its pinnacle.

19 years, and europe became the playground.

the platform for many more adventures to come.

but the soul longs for spiritual reckoning.

figures that matter entered to prove its existence.

so memorable, yet so unrequited.

but that is precisely why it will always have a spot deep down inside.




filled with newfound wisdom and memories of profound beauty,

two decades found its place amongst the academics and athletes.

thus the year began with work in the company of friendships.

reinforced with strong ties amidst all the movement.

a bed that stayed was made as the dragons took over.

the rabbit hopped off and never looked back.

a crab came by and slipped away in the sand.

other interests occupied the mind, more occurrences took up the space of life.

beliefs were strengthened and suddenly, the cupid poured his elixir.

smooth and delicious, a summer of companionship.

exchange of cultures became a trend,

and we are still in round one.

oh, if only we’d known what was next in store.




everything happened so fast. a blink of an eye.

start. pause. rewind. pause.

fantasies are realities. reality is fantasy.

throw thyself into an absolutely new world.

enter the realms of mitteleuropa.

remnants of harvy ’09.

remnants of the year of teenage delinquency.

remnants of canadian days.

where we tasted our first liquor, our first herbs – our first rebellion.

where we felt invincible. immortal.

these memories are real. so real that it hurts, but only in the finest way.

because they remind you that you are alive and the path is so malleable.

and once we left that era, we find reality staring at us in the face again.

but this time, its dreamlike quality had dissipated,

contained in a jar that we put on our windowsills.

to keep us warm through the foreign nights.

perhaps these nights only seemed foreign because the soul refused to leave its beloved premise.
the moment it caught up with the presence, the dark clouds turned into a violent rain,
the skies cleared up and the sun was found shining brightly as if for the first time.
smiles in piles, grand adventures returned.
wilder than ever.
new characters formed new plot lines and lived another era.
one that is so different and unique, distinctive in taste.
which one cannot wash away.
it stained like red wine accidents, ferraris bent and fired up.
so many lessons learned, so many moments to treasure.


last note: i wouldn’t have done it any other way.